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Starrco's modular offices provide numerous advantages in comparison to conventional construction methods. The two main advantages of Starrco modular offices are speed and flexibility. Starrco's products are easy to assemble in the field and are constructed in 25% of the time needed to construct a stick-built building. Customers also benefit from the tax advantages of Starrco's products, as the depreciation can be accelerated significantly compared to conventional construction. If your business is changing, Starrco's modular office systems is an excellent solution with significant cost-savings. 

Since 1965, Starrco has been serving customers nationwide as a manufacturer of modular, pre-engineered enclosures. With a nationwide dealer network, Starrco is able to reach a variety of end-users whose needs span from the simplest portable building to the most complex modular cleanroom. Bode and Sheco are proud to be partnered with Starrco to provide premium modular solutions for our customers. 

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