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Poweramp gives you Quality Equipment and Dependable Performance for All of Your Material Handling Needs Manufacturered in the U.S.A., Poweramp offers the most complete line of dock levelers, truck restraints and control panels available. Superior, proprietary engineering practices deliver unmatched quality and reliable performance to enhance dock efficiency and increase worker safety. Poweramp equipment is easy to maintain and built to last even under the most extreme conditions

Offering the most complete line of dock levelers in the industry, Poweramp gives you proven dependability, quality and safety in every product to enhance productivity and efficiency at your facility. Poweramp offers both standard and custom hydraulic, mechanical or air-powered pit-styledock levelers as well as hydraulic and air-powered edge-of-dock levelers. Poweramp proudly manufactures standard dock levelers with capacities of 25,000 lbs. to 120,000 lbs CIR (Comparative Industry Rating) along with a wide range of special features.

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"I really appreciated Bode’s consultative approach and their willingness to work with other consultants. Mike was very approachable and always willing to supply information and explore alternative approaches."
Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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