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Kundel not only makes enclosed track overhead cranes with the best features, heaviest capacities and an industry leading 10:1 Safety Factor, but they also support inner-city rescue missions on a daily basis.

Some of Kundel Cranes' most popular features are internal electric bar and cantilever support posts all with greater square footage coverage and longer spans even at 3 ton capacity. As a company, they stand behind their dedication to helping community, with 1.5% of every crane sale goes directly to the missions they support like the Warren Family Mission that feeds, clothes and shelters homeless men, women and children along with the Hannah's House that is a shelter for abused, drug and alcohol addicted women, bringing them a hope for a brighter tomorrow... all free of charge.

At Bode, we are proud to work with manufacturers like Kundel Crane, who not only produce a top quality product, but who also take pride in giving back to their community.

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