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Damotech is the leader in rack repair, rack safety and damage prevention products for the material handling industry.

With a 30 year history of success, Damotech’s permanent rack repair solutions allow for the repair of existing racking without disassembly or removal of inventory. All rack repair products are custom made to respect the original configuration of rack uprights and restore their original load capacity. All of Damotech's rack repair kits are installed by Bode's certified installers using a proprietary lifting system. Repair kits are bolted on rather than welded, so no "hot permit" is required and installations can be done in any environment, including freezers.

In addition to rack repair, Damotech offers a complete line of damage prevention and rack safety products as well as a rack survey service that can evaluate rack capacity. This is especially useful for older systems that cannot be traced back to their original manufacturer specifications.

Damotech’s installations are done using a proprietary lifting device: the Damo Easy Lift. It is designed to allow for the repair of uprights with virtually no unloading, allowing for the typical repair to be done within 45 minutes. The Damo Easy lift acts as a temporary support while the racking system is being worked on. That level of efficiency and speed plays a big part in increasing your productivity and is a lot less disruptive than upright replacement.


With its lines of rack repair and prevention products, Damotech strives to put an end to the endless cycle of upright replacement while focusing on warehouse safety and the permanent elimination of recurring expenses. Through the judicious use of engineered solutions, our team will guide you towards creating a safer working environment for you and your employees, saving you money in the process.

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“The communication and coordination on this project was outstanding. The Bode team not only provided regular updates on the progress of each install, they worked in such a professional and unobtrusive manner, never impeding the day-to-day work in any of our facilities. I have complete confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the Bode team. For anything material handling or warehouse related, Bode is where I go.”
Blair Gourley
Director of Facilities

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