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Customized Cleated Belt Conveyor Moves Scrap Quickly and Securely for this NH Manufacturer

This NH-based manufacturer needed a fast and secure means of transporting ceramic scrap from one area of its plant to another. Because of its irregular size and shape, the scrap had a tendency to bunch up and spill over the edge of a standard conveyor system. The Bode team recommended and installed a New London Engineering Cleated Belt Conveyor to move the scrap pieces from the processing floor to the hopper for disposal. The New London Conveyor features both a cleated belt and a side cleat to keep the pieces contained.

Customized Lift Provides Smooth, Secure Movement of Product from One Level to Another

This NH beverage distributor needed a new lift to transport loads between the first and second floors of its new building. Bode recommended a Pflow D-Series Cantilver style hydraulic vertical lift to handle the heavy loads smoothly. The Pflow D-Series Lift features a pressure-compensated control valve to ensure smooth, constant lowering speed under any load. The lift also featured a custom designed base structure to support the unit from the basement level, ensuring no obstructions when moving loads.

Hydraulic Drum Crusher Makes the Most out of Drum Capacity for Recycling Metal Scraps and Shavings

A NH-based manufacturer was seeking a better solution for storing and transporting metal scraps and shavings resulting from their production process. While they had been storing and transporting them in metal drums, they knew they were not taking advantage of their maximum capacity. Bode recommended and installed a Vestil Hydraulic Drum Crusher to compact the scraps and allow for full utilization of each drum. The Drum Crusher, as it name would suggest, also came with interachangable platens so that drums themselves could be compacted when they were ready for disposal as well.

Rooftop Platform Provides Secure Access for Regular Service of Mechanical Systems

A NH hospital needed better access to mechanical systems located on its rooftop. These units, which required frequent servicing, stood over 8 feet above the roofline and were being tended to by workers using portable ladders. Bode worked with the hospital's roofing contractor to create risers for the installation of a custom platform around the mechanical units. The platform was designed to fit around the existing ducting and provided access above and below the platform.

Lift Table Helps Sports Safety Company Test Helmet Durability and Effectivenes

Sport's safety has been in the news frequently over the past several years with many questioning how effective equipment is in protecting players from devasting impact injuries. A New Hampshire-based sports safety company needed a way to position helmets quickly and accurately for impact testing to show how helmets held up under different kinds of impacts and to test new materials and designs to measure their impact resistance. Upon reviewing the testing process, the Bode team recommended and installed a Southworth LS2 Lift Table to position and hold the helmets.


“The communication and coordination on this project was outstanding. The Bode team not only provided regular updates on the progress of each install, they worked in such a professional and unobtrusive manner, never impeding the day-to-day work in any of our facilities. I have complete confidence in the knowledge and abilities of the Bode team. For anything material handling or warehouse related, Bode is where I go.”
Blair Gourley
Director of Facilities

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