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In late 2007, PSNH commissioned Bode to design and install a storage solution for their large inventory of 16,000 lb. transformer units. In prior years, these large pad-mounted units were stored outside, and during the cold winter months, they would freeze to the ground causing a material handling challenge. PSNH supervisors looked to Bode Equipment Company for a solution.

Bode surveyed the land and presented a 2-story steel structure solution. The design accounted for the wind and snow loads common to the rough New England winters. The structure was also designed to withstand the extra-heavy loads of the transformer units, requiring construction of a specialized industrial mezzanine to withstand the extra weight while accommodating the height limitations of the company's existing fleet of forklifts. Because the existing site was sloped, site excavation and backfill were also needed to provide a level surface for the structure. Bode obtained all necessary permits and began site excavation, installation of concrete foundations/footings, backfill, asphalt, and steel erection immediately.

As luck would have it, the project was completed 1 week prior to the storm of 2008, allowing PSNH to avoid the troubles presented by previous storms. The completed double-decker storage solution measured 210' long x 16' wide x 14' high. The open bar grating design allowed the snow to drift off of the products to the ground and eliminate ice build-up. Plows now have enough clearance to plow the path for the forklifts. All in all, the structure has allowed PSNH to react faster to their customers in need of service throughout the year.

"Bode's front end engineering and problem solving skills are what made this project a success," adds a supervisor from PSNH. "The Bode team showed a clear understanding and concern for our needs and presented the best solution and installed it based on our schedule."

Project Overview

This PSNH project was one of our largest outdoor storage projects to date. Our storage solution needed to accomodate the excessive weight of the transformer units, as well as the wind and snow load common to rough New England winters.

Our final solution included excavation and backfill to provide a level surface, as well as design and installation for the over 200' long storage area that could accomodate plow and forklift access to the area to help expedite PSNH's service to their customers.

"PSNH has enjoyed a long and productive relationship with Bode Equipment"
Supervisor of PSNH
"Over the past several years we've called on Bode not only for installation and design projects, but also for preventative and corrective maintenance services."
Supervisor of PSNH