The Bode Process - Securing Assets with Wire Partitioning, Storage Lockers, and Machine Guarding

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When it’s up to Bode to create a system for protecting and securing client assets, Bode uses wire partitioning, storage lockers, and machine guarding depending on the project. These assets can consist of items that need security or increased protection such as tools, equipment, and inventory.

In this write-up, we will discuss the uses and benefits of:

  1. Wire Partitioning/Wire Cages
  2. Tenant Lockers/Storage Lockers
  3. Machine Guarding

The three main aspects that these products provide are security, safety, and separation. All are important to maintaining a safe, secure, and organized environment within your workplace.

Wire Partitioning & Wire Cages

Creating a wire partitioning system or wire cage that is suitable for a project requires the need to pertain to very specific aspects. The ability of customization allows us to create systems that meet these unique requirements.

Every project is different and some can involve different criteria such as increased security, more/less walls, or even increased partition height. At Bode we use major suppliers, such as Wirecrafters, that give us the ability to customize everything in a wire partitioning system. These customization options include different styles of doors and locks, different numbers of sided partitions, increased panel heights, and different panel styles like woven and welded. All of these options all brought together allow us to meet a multitude of specific requirements our clients have.

Wire partitioning and cages can be suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Tool Cribs
  • Equipment Cages
  • General Storage Areas
  • DEA Drug Storage
  • Holding Cells

Tool Cribs and other storage areas can require different styles of partitioning panels depending on their specifics. Using our suppliers, we are able to meet these requirements by having the ability to offer wire panels in woven, welded, expanded metal, polycarbonate, and more!

Tenant Lockers & Storage Lockers

Tenant lockers give the user the ability to store belongings within compact areas of a building or area. They also create a convenience to the user of having additional storage within walking distance at little extra cost. In buildings where tenant lockers are not implemented most people are obligated to use storage units at storage facilities outside of their complex. This creates the inconvenience of distance and a larger extra cost to the tenant for its use. Items placed in these facilities are not readily available to the user as they have to drive over to the facility to access their unit. With tenant lockers, these belongings are available within the same building as the tenant.

These tenant lockers can come in two different ways:

  • Single-tiered lockers
    • most common option, giving maximum storage space to users.
  • Double-tiered lockers
    • for buildings with large tenant numbers and limited space for additional storage. Sacrifices storage space for each unit to accommodate for more tenants

Other storage lockers such as industrial lockers are meant for personnel within the workplace. These lockers offer a larger area with a few customization options on shelving and compartments. Storage lockers are meant for controlling inventory, decreasing time spent looking for tools and equipment, and securing equipment to keep it from being stolen or misplaced.

Both styles of lockers fill different roles, however maintain the same offers of increased security, separation, and overall storage to the client.

Machine Guarding

Your expensive automated machines need protection too! Machine guarding is a way to not only keep these machines protected from certain hazards, but are also a way of protecting your personnel from the dangers posed by these machines. These dangers can come in the form of malfunctioning equipment, which the machine guarding can protect against with its extremely resilient wire mesh.

Much like wire partitioning these guarding systems are customizable with a variety of options and configurations. These options range from colors and door types to lift out panels and locking systems, and the modular wire panel system allows for different sizes and heights to meet different configurations.

Some applications that use machine guarding consist of:

  • Weld cells
  • Robotic cells
  • Press break equipment stations
  • Laser cutting areas
  • Punching stations

Being able to pertain to client needs and fit within a client’s budget as best as possible is important to our mission of creating a positive experience for them. At Bode, providing a product that has high quality and optional variety allows us to give confident feedback and opinions on the best possible system to install. Suppliers such as Wirecrafters gives us the ability to maintain our mission when dealing with wire partitioning, storage locker, and machine guarding products as we strive to not only create a positive overall experience, but to also provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their projects.


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