Modular Office Install in Shirley, MA

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An adhesives manufacturer in Shirley, MA requested for an in-plant modular office to be installed within its facility. The reason for this product was the manufacturer’s need for more office space for its growing department’s employees.

Bode decided to implement a one-floor modular office in order to provide the client with the space it needed. This installation increased the client’s overall office space by 33% and also allowed for the option of a second level if future needs required it. The modular office is not just for office use as it also contains a sliding window and shelf where drivers can check in when entering the facility.

When it comes to increased office space requirements it is important to provide a comfortable and safe environment for employees. Modular offices such as this one allows for that additional space while still keeping employees within the facility. These offices also provide convenience when growing as additions can easily be added onto the project in the future.

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