Mezzanine Install in Andover, Massachusetts

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We installed a mezzanine for a manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Fluid Handling Systems in Andover, Massachusetts. The project consisted of a L-shaped mezzanine with two safety gates, railing, and a riser staircase. The L-shaped style was used in order to adhere to a corner section of the facility.

The use of safety gates and guard railing were to increase overall safety. Due to the fact that the mezzanine is more than 10 feet above the ground these safety concerns needed to be addressed. The mezzanine also needed to be adjusted off the back wall to accommodate for a c-channel that protrudes from the wall. We were able to notch the bar grating mezzanine floor around the column in order to not interfere with any beams supporting it.

Overall, the project came out great and ended up being a great looking finished asset. The mezzanine will provide extra overhead workspace for the facility and increase its overall efficiency. The use of guardrails are also important products to combine with any mezzanine, regardless of its height, as they contribute to a safer and more efficient final product.

I really enjoyed working with Bode. They were proactive, professional and very easy to work with... Their attention to detail along with the care and forethought put into the installation process really made this project a success. Honestly, it couldn’t have gone any better.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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