Workstation Bridge Cranes & Gantry Cranes Provide Lifting Asistance to Facility in Massachusetts

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The Situation

A flow meter manufacturer located in Beverly, Massachusetts, needed a solution to assist in moving equipment and materials at multiple manufacturing and testing work cell areas within its facility. The manufacturer called Bode Equipment Company’s Sales Manager, Nick Hosey, for assistance in finding the right solution.

The Solution

Bode decided to go with Spanco, Inc. for two Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes and four mobile A-Series Adjustable-Height Gantry Cranes to meet the demands of the client. The workstation bridge cranes were installed and positioned within the facility to deal with larger processes. The gantry cranes will provide the ability to take on different roles within the facility as their mobility will allow them to be moved to different work cells and processes. These gantry cranes can then be set in place to lift equipment and materials at various workstations throughout the facility.

Bode chose Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes because of their ability to take on large loads of up to two tons and move these loads quickly. These workstation bridge cranes also eliminate the need for manual lifting, thus making the workplace safer and more efficient. Safety and efficiency are important in every project Bode takes on, so having these two benefits in Spanco Freestanding Workstation Bridge Cranes make them an easy choice for the client’s application.

Spanco A-Series Adjustable-Height Gantry Cranes were chosen for their ability to be moved around the facility. These portable gantry cranes bring the same safety and efficiency that bridge cranes do, but add the aspect of quick mobility and adjustability to the equation. Gantry cranes are designed for the lighter loads, such as motors, smaller pieces of equipment, and machinery, but still get the job done as they take the strain off the workers or other equipment not suited for lifting these items.

In conclusion, the customer was satisfied to have lifting capabilities in various work cells on the facility floor. Spanco provided quality crane solutions that the customer will be able to use effectively for years to come.

Do you need lifting mechanisms for your equipment or materials? Spanco provides quality cranes and fall protection systems that keep workers safe and operations efficient. Visit their website, And don’t forget to Just Call Bode! 800-797-5699

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