What You Should Know About Mezzanines

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Do I purchase a new facility or add additional space to my current facility?

This is a question many facility managers ask when faced with a facility that is running out of space. Purchasing a new facility or building an addition to the current one is usually the two options these managers look at and both of them can be expensive and time-consuming operations.

The question facility managers should be asking before this is “how much of my facility’s overhead space is in use?”. If the answer to this question is “not much”, chances are a mezzanine can be what your facility needs.

About Mezzanines

Mezzanines are designed to fulfill many purposes including:

  • Storage
  • Working
  • Office
  • Manufacturing

These modular structures provide a facility with increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness, not to mention employee safety! They can be built above equipment, modular offices, racking, shelving, you name it! Providing that second or even third level of usable space with a mezzanine can increase your facility’s value and prevent you from having to expand to a new facility for a long time.

Examples of Mezzanine Installations

Mezzanines can be built in a variety of sizes and styles that make them a great fit for any operation. Let’s look at two different examples:

Example One:

Problem –

A small operation requires for a structure that can hold wires, pipes, and other overhead lines above equipment in order to keep those lines from obstructing the equipment and employees.

Implementation –

A thin, rail-like mezzanine can be installed to run the distance of the overhead lines to keep them above the working area creating for a safe working environment.

Example Two:

Problem –

A larger operation requires more storage space for heavy-duty racking systems and pallets but does not want to expand to a larger facility.

Implementation –

A heavy-duty mezzanine can be constructed to create a second level to the facility offering walking space, space for the racking systems, and space for additional pallets all in one. This space is also not obstructing the machinery and equipment under it even providing areas with support for lighting fixtures to be designed on the ground-floor under the mezzanine. Finally, a VRC lift may be incorporated to move materials from the ground-floor to the mezzanine floor.

These examples really show the scale in which a mezzanine can be useful. Whether it’s a small operation, a massive scale operation, or everything in-between a mezzanine provides a helpful/cost-effective solution.

Mezzanines in an Integrated System?

To touch on Example Two one more time, the idea of integrating a VRC lift and racking systems with the mezzanine was brought up here. Mezzanines are perfect components for integrating other systems and products! This creates for effective products that work together to not only save your facility space for future endeavors but also to increase your facility’s overall efficiency.

At Bode, we talk a lot about Integrated Systems and how to effectively combine systems to provide efficient processes for both your facility and its employees. Visit our page on Integrated Systems to learn more about them and how they can be a benefit to your facility. If you are looking to utilize overhead space and think a mezzanine would be the solution give us a call at (800) 797-5699.

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VP Manufacturing

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