VRC Installation in Westborough, MA

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Our installation team is currently working on a large VRC installation in Westborough, MA. The installation includes a Pflow VRC outside, next to the customer’s building. VRC installations are not uncommon for Bode, but when in Massachusetts, VRC installations require a few extra hands.

Massachusetts has regulations pursuant to elevator regulations, to ensure a certain safety standard. VRCs are generally not made to hold personnel, with the exception of new equipment like Wildeck’s RiderLift which is meant to address those additional safety concerns.

Due to the requirements for Massachusetts, Bode works with elevator installation subcontractors, licensed structural engineers, and other licensed professionals to make sure that the VRC is 100% safe and meets the state’s standards.

Often times, the elevator suppliers have not installed VRCs themselves. Our installation technicians have the experience to complete the job while the elevator installation crew supplies permits and checks safety measures, like on this job. Our technician Rich has been installing VRCs since 2005 when he started and is able to take the lead on the project with the help of 2 other techs.

Altogether, VRC jobs require a great deal of planning as well as professionals to ensure that the VRC not only works, but is safe for materials, the building, and is low risk for employees. The whole process of purchasing and renting the necessary equipment, setting up the delivery, getting everyone who needs to be there on site, and actually installing can be time consuming, but offers a unique solution with the right application.

If your site would benefit from the ability to move large material loads of different shapes and sizes between two or more levels, we can help you find a VRC to fit your needs. We provide design and layout services as well as installation and maintenance throughout New England, even VRCs in Massachusetts! Call us or email us to get set up for a site visit.

“Bode has an excellent reputation in the power sports industry. They were the logical choice for the project. The Bode team was great at keeping us up to date on the project, anticipating potential issues and resolving them proactively. They always made me feel confident that the project would be done right, on time and on budget.”
John Lyon
General Manager - Co-Owner

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