Tenant Locker Install for School in Quincy, MA

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Tenant Lockers

Tenant lockers offer a solution of creating additional storage for apartment tenants and other individuals, along with the benefit of convenience. Normally these people have limited space to store certain items that would traditionally be found in a garage or basement, but since these places aren’t usually an option for them storage unit facilities are usually the solution.

These facilities create an inconvenience to the user by requiring them to drive to the storage unit to pick up or put away items, as well as the additional costs that come with it. Tenant lockers allow for storage within the facility itself, and usually become an inclusion in the cost of the apartment or space available. Thus, eliminating the additional costs and distance problems that come with the use of storage unit facilities.

The Installation

We installed 21 double tiered tenant lockers for a refurbished school in Quincy, Massachusetts. We were hired by Edgewood Development, a contracting company that heard of us through a recommendation by another contractor we had worked with previously.  Using our supplier, Husky Rack & Wire, for the storage lockers we were able to meet the contractor’s needs and create a high-quality finished product.

We were also able to support the client’s special request of moving a four bay of lockers 18” over in order for him to have access to a heating unit behind the lockers. Installing these lockers created a storage system with fully enclosed lockers, as opposed to the system in place before installation which had a more open concept consisting of only three walls per locker that allowed for minimum security of personal storage.

“Over my 22 years of work in this industry, this is one of the best projects I’ve had the pleasure of be involved in. The constant communication and the desire to keep us informed throughout the entire process along with the flexibility to accommodate change orders while still keeping our project on schedule is why I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Bode again and again.”
Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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