Roll-Out Racks Provide Solution for Cosmetic Manufacturer

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Sales team member Mike Slide recently worked on a solution for a Cosmetic Manufacturer in NH where there was a need for full shelf extension and heavy duty storage materials to hold expensive supplies including molds, pumps, and motors. Mike recommended purchasing Glide-Out 100 rack units by Rack Engineering.

Rack Engineering was able to provide the size and capacity needed. The racks arrived fully-assembled from the factory on the back on a flatbed truck.  They simply had to be stood up into position and the backs screwed on in place for final assembly. This customer now has more than fifteen racks of this type provided over several years. After the roll out racks were installed, the maintenance area was much cleaner, materials were more accessible, there is more storage space, and floor space was cleared up.

"I really appreciated Bode’s consultative approach and their willingness to work with other consultants. Mike was very approachable and always willing to supply information and explore alternative approaches."
Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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