The Moving Parts of an Installation

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There are a lot of moving parts of an installation through Bode, which requires communication and coordination between different departments. For this job, the end-user had contacted an outside sales representative, Mike Slide. The process begins with Mike getting the scope of the project and the application, and scheduling a time to go on site to take measurements and make sure the correct products are being purchased, and offer complementary products. For example, any time a mezzanine is installed, guard rails should be offered as a complementary product. The two should be sold together, for a number of reasons.

Once Mike has decided what the right product for his customer is, he will sometimes refer the sales order to an inside sales representative like Deb Roux to put the order through and coordinate shipping details with the service department. The outside sales representative generally acts as the project manager throughout the installation, on basic installations. We also have a project manager, Chris Pool, who may oversee the installation if it takes place over an extended period of time.

Project managers constantly maintain communication with the manufacturer, the shipping service, the service department preparing for the installation, and the end-user to make sure that the day the installation is to take place, all of the details are in place and the project can run smoothly.

As the installation approaches, Katherine Hogan will schedule installation technicians to come to Bode in the morning, pick up all of the paperwork and equipment necessary to do the job. Our installation technicians should be briefed on the job, the deadline, and on any additional requests by the time they hit the job site.

All of these moving parts are meant to come together so that the installation of your chosen solution does not only not interfere with your operations, but will improve your operations and you can continue with complete confidence that your installation will be completed professionally and efficiently, and if problems arise they are communicated and addressed immediately.

“Bode has an excellent reputation in the power sports industry. They were the logical choice for the project. The Bode team was great at keeping us up to date on the project, anticipating potential issues and resolving them proactively. They always made me feel confident that the project would be done right, on time and on budget.”
John Lyon
General Manager - Co-Owner

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