Modular Office Install for Helicopter Hanger in Massachusetts

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We installed a two-floor Modular Office for a Helicopter Hanger in Massachusetts.

The Situation:

An organization needed office space for multiple employees within the hanger. With no office space readily available to accommodate these employees, the client turned to Bode for other options.

The Solution:

Bode installed a two-floor modular office consisting of multiple offices and entrances in order to accommodate all of the employees in need of an office space. These in-plant offices included modular wiring and HVAC units as well as two-stair ways in order to access both 2nd-floor offices. Bode also used fire rated wall panels on the project in order to increase overall safety.

The implementation of a two-story modular office can be an effective piece of equipment to have in a facility as it utilizes overhead space, while providing for more offices or office space within the facility. Not to mention all the space saved can be dedicated to other projects that are more involved in the handling of facility equipment.

Fire rated & fire-resistant walls offer increased protection and safety from potential fire hazards that may occur in a facility environment. We use fire resistant walls when applicable as to increase the safety of the product and keep employees safe!

For more information on modular offices or fire-resistant walls visit our website: Or Just Call Bode! 800-797-5699

"Over the past several years we've called on Bode not only for installation and design projects, but also for preventative and corrective maintenance services."
Supervisor of PSNH

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