Integrated System with Modular Office and Mezzanine installed in MA

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We installed an Integrated System consisting of a Modular Office and Mezzanine structure in Massachusetts!

The Situation:

A client in the pharmacy industry located in Massachusetts needed new office space while still having enough room to perform facility work. The space was limited and didn’t have enough room to fit both side-by-side. These new office spaces would have to utilize this space effectively while still allowing for efficient use of the space and workflow.

The Solution:

The solution for this issue was to fully utilize the overhead space within the area. We installed a mezzanine structure to support the 3 new modular offices the client needed. These modular offices were installed on-top of the mezzanine in order to allow for the area below the mezzanine to be used for facility work and the machine. A staircase was also implemented to provide access to the modular offices.

This Integrated System effectively uses the available facility space making it more efficient and keeping the client from needing to expand the facility in order to accommodate the additional office spaces.

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From the very beginning of the project, I was impressed by the Bode team...The president of the company himself came out to the project site to assess what was needed and put together an installation plan that fit seamlessly within the overall scope of construction.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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