Installation of Brush Seals for NH Vendor Reduces Heating Costs and Entrance of Unwanted Visitors

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Bode Equipment Company was recently called upon to reduce escaping heat from the loading dock area for a NH vendor.  Besides the issue with escaping heat, there was a need to reduce gaps to prevent rodents and insects from entering the building. After meeting with the client, we decided to provide brush seals instead of traditional low cost vinyl seals.  The bristles poke rodents and keep them from entering the building, and they also last longer. 

We provided new Sealeze brush seals for the client to help solve their problem with heat loss and improve the sealing action around the loading dock doors.

Our customer needed installation of the brush seals on seven loading dock doors. Besides the brush seal installations, the customer also needed rust holes and damages repaired on the doors as well as gaps to be filled.

Along with brush seals installations, we have a complete service department ready to service your loading dock doors, dock levelers, air curtains and restraints.  We represent a variety of loading dock equipment to choose from as well as weather resistant solutions to combat our New England weather. 

“Over my 22 years of work in this industry, this is one of the best projects I’ve had the pleasure of be involved in. The constant communication and the desire to keep us informed throughout the entire process along with the flexibility to accommodate change orders while still keeping our project on schedule is why I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Bode again and again.”
Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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