Four Points to Help You Quickly Understand Integrated Systems

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What is an Integrated System?

An integrated system is a set of individual subsystems working together in one cohesive structure.

In the world of material handling an individual subsystem can be something like a mezzanine, crane, or vertical lift. A subsystem can really consist of any piece of material handling equipment. Integrated systems provide different functions based on the subsystem equipment being implemented. These pieces can also be fitted differently in order to adhere to facility dimensions or restrictions. No one system is the only way to accomplish the task!

What are the benefits?

The main benefits that integrated systems can provide you are:

  • Increased facility efficiency
  • Facility space effectively utilized

Facility managers would agree that it is important to have an efficient system in place, whether it is through employees or through the equipment itself is a large part of having a productive facility. Integrated systems provide you with an efficient structure through the subsystem equipment, which can allow for ease-of-use with your employees creating an efficient routine for them as well.

Utilizing a facility’s space to its full potential can limit expenditures in the future, such as the purchasing of another facility, and can also maximize the facility’s overall cost-effectiveness. Integrated systems allow for the potential use of vertical space which is sometimes hard to take advantage of. This vertical space is all of that empty air space above the ground floor and usual equipment within your facility. Making use of this space can be a huge difference maker to your facility's effectiveness.

How do I know if I need an Integrated System?

Recognizing opportunities within any facility is not always easy. You might not realize you have an opportunity to integrate a racking system with a mezzanine or might not know how to take advantage of your facility's vertical space effectively. Finding creative and innovative solutions can put you ahead of the competition and put you another step ahead in having a productive facility.

How do I find solutions where an Integrated System can help?

Getting advice from an outside party is a great resource! Having another opinion, especially from someone familiar with these types of projects, can lead to creative ideas on how to utilize the facility to its full potential.

At Bode, we have trained professionals that can visit your site and point out opportunities that you may have not seen before. Having a professional opinion on potential areas for an integrated system can be a game changer for you and your facility. Our team at Bode has years of experience in finding creative solutions for clients. Give us a call or feel free to contact us by filling out our form:

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