Enclosure Increases Safety and Security for Customer in the Food Industry

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Nick Hosey, our Sales Manager, recently helped a customer in the food industry secure their storage in a freezer rack using Wire Crafters pallet rack enclosures.

Bode Equipment helped this customer install pallet rack enclosures on two bays of racking to R&D products to secure them, allowing only authorized personnel to get to the items. The existing storage around the new rack enclosures is still accessible and has not changes since installation.

Wire rack enclosures are great for customers that need to secure an area whether it be for safety or simple security and authorization issues. Wire rack enclosures are even used for additional storage space to seperate it from inventory.

Bode Equipment Company works with every customer by coming to the site if necessary and determining the best solution for your business. We make sure everything is taken care of from start to finish whether the job is as big as a new mezzanine installation or as small as a racking solution.

Bode presented a professional bid that encompassed everything we needed to complete the loading docks for the new facility...Their ability to provide a total solution, combined with their extensive experience and reasonable prices, made them the obvious choice for the job.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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