Conference Room Installation for Medical Equipment Company in Mass.

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We installed a 2-walled, in-plant modular office for a medical equipment company in Massachusetts. This project will help provide valuable conference space for its office workers within the facility.

The Situation:

The client needed a conference space for its office workers. The conference space would need to be in a convenient area for the workers making space within the facility a great option. The conference room would also have to fit beneth overhead piping and ducts.

The Solution:

Bode installed a 2-walled modular office within the facility to create the conference space the client needed. Two large windows and a door were installed at the front-end of the new conference room to create visibility in and out of the room.


This was a straight-forward project that did not require too many special circumstances, however it highlights a modular office’s ability to do more than just add office space. Modular offices can be used as lunch rooms, break rooms, booths, offices, and conference rooms like the one in this installation.

At Bode, we deal with quality suppliers that give us the ability to provide multiple options when installing a modular office for any client!

“It’s one thing to find that in select staff or a particular department, but at Bode they excel across the board.”
Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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