BODE Equipment Finds Ergonomic Solution for Manufacturer

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A Massachusetts manufacturing company had an issue with employees bending down to lift boxes onto a conveyor belt. With concerns for their employees' health and safety, they contacted BODE Equipment for a solution.

BODE Equipment installed a Southworth Backsaver Scissor Lift. Southworth Backsaver Scissor Lifts allow workers to move their work rather than their bodies, which is easier, safer and more productive.

Employees can load boxes onto the lift and raise the scissor lift to the necessary height, eliminating the need to bend down, lift and transfer the boxes. This ergonomic solution will preserve the company's employees' health and safety.

"Over the past several years we've called on Bode not only for installation and design projects, but also for preventative and corrective maintenance services."
Supervisor of PSNH

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