BODE Equipment Designs and Installs Elevating Dock for New Hampshire Company

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A New Hampshire electronics manufacturing and repair company has a loading dock for LTL truck carriers but found most deliveries come in and out on carts on low box trucks. These trucks are lower than the 48” high dock, so employees were constantly lifting racks and materials up into the building. 

The company wanted to use an already existing side access stair as the area to load and unload shipments. BODE Equipment surveyed the location, and, working with a general contractor, determined an Advance surface-mounted elevating dock with a self-contained power pack was the ideal solution for this side load application.

A pre-formed concrete pad was purchased locally and set in place in front of the stairs in order to mount the dock lift on the existing blacktop.  Modifying the top of the stair railing provided gate access.The lift was delivered and installed on the pad.The lift lowers to the height of the truck and brings materials up to the height of the stair, allowing employees to easily bring deliveries into the building safely and quickly.  

The customer now has proper access for both over the road LTL trucks at the loading dock door as well as a suitable location for the smaller box trucks.  

“It’s one thing to find that in select staff or a particular department, but at Bode they excel across the board.”
Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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