All About Hoists, Cranes, and Ergonomic Lifting

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Hoists and cranes are manufactured for nearly every lifting and moving application they could be used for. Whether you’re lifting materials as small as 50 pounds up to thousands, there is a lifting device to ease the strain on employees and to ensure safety and product quality. Having employees lift product, no matter how small, risks damage to the product and danger for the employee. What kind of crane, hoist, or rigging devices is right for you?

Overhead bridge cranes, including monorails, shop cranes, floor cranes, jib cranes, and intelligent lifting devices can be used for a variety of applications. Kundel offers a light duty bridge crane capable of lifting ½ ton. If you are looking for something that can lift more, they also offer overhead workstation bridge cranes with lifting capability between 3-10 tons. Some of these cranes, like the TTRAC good for up to 10 tons, are fully motorized with VFD controls. Many cranes are freestanding, with some needing concrete reinforcement.

If an overhead bridge crane isn’t what you’re looking for, maybe a portable gantry crane would be better. Gantry cranes are generally offered in aluminum and steel and allow you to lift and move materials.

If these aren’t what you’re looking for, an ergonomic jib arm could be right for you. Ergonomic jib arms are intelligent lifting devices. These arms are great for precision and effortless movement, full range of motion, and accurate placement and stability.

If the jib arm doesn’t work, maybe a custom modular system will! If you’re not really sure what you need, but know what job you’re trying to achieve or problem you’re looking to solve, Bode’s sales team is knowledgeable about cranes and hoists and can likely offer several options that can suit your needs.

Besides the various options already mentioned, other solutions for ergonomic lifting can include hoists vacuum lifters, and scissor lifts depending on what materials you deal with. We have relationships with suppliers who specialize in any one of these products. Truly, it all depends on the needs of you as our client. Our sales team has product knowledge and experience working with all of these material handling solutions and is ready to come to your site to offer the solution that is best for you.  

“Over my 22 years of work in this industry, this is one of the best projects I’ve had the pleasure of be involved in. The constant communication and the desire to keep us informed throughout the entire process along with the flexibility to accommodate change orders while still keeping our project on schedule is why I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Bode again and again.”
Doug Devers
Warehouse Operations Leader, Hypertherm

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