Bode Summer Outings 2017

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Bode Summer Outings are a way for our employees to take a day off of work and spend it enjoying an activity with one another. These activities are focused around building team dynamics. Our employees are encouraging to interact, problem-solve, and above all have fun together!

Our Summer Outings this year consisted of paintball, golf, and bowling. Different employees at Bode took place in each of the events. Our paintball event created two teams of our employees to go head-to-head with one another through different types of play styles such as capture-the-flag and team elimination. Our golf event split the employees up into three teams and required the winning team to be the team with the lowest score card. Our bowling event split the employees up into two teams and allowed for them to play two rounds each. This allowed the employees to play for two overall individual winners, one for each round, and two winning teams, one for each round. Friendly competition can bring out the best in people and really show their abilities when it comes to critical thinking and problem solving.

We find that these outings really bring us together as a company as well as allow our employees to grow together and learn about one another. A good example would be our two newest employees, Erik Nystrom and Jeanne Bettencourt joining the bowling event. They were able to talk with and learn more about employees like Scott Rose and Meredith Fowler who have been with Bode Equipment much longer. These two are just an example of the larger pool of employees with different backgrounds and years with the company through all three events!

The Bode Summer Outings are a huge success for us every year as they bring our employees close together, as well as encourage a day of fun through team building activities. Our mission is to create a great work environment for our employees and we feel that this embodies that aspect!

"The success of the garage door project was key to our decision to engage Bode for this more complex installation."
Kathy Solomon
The First Church of Christ, Scientist

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