Bode Equipment Helps Machine Shop Realize Savings And Safety

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Machining metal is a messy process, with plenty of sharp scraps falling from the machine onto the floor. Scraps of metal littered the floor at this New Hampshire machine shop, increasing the chances for injury, while requiring extra effort to sweep up and maintain a clean and safe space. Dirt and other floor debris mixed with the scrap metal, making it useless for recycling. 

The Bode Equipment team provided a low-profile, cleated belt conveyor to fit underneath the machine.  Scraps of metal funnel onto the conveyor belt and transfer to a mobile hopper. The hopper has fork lift pockets and casters.  A forklift can pick up the hopper and transport the scrap, or, if the forklift isn't available, an operator can easily wheel the hopper to the large recycling dumpster, providing flexibility for transferring the recyclable material.  

Bode's solution cleaned up the floor, centralizing the scrap metal into a reusable metal hopper.  All scrap metal was clean and ready to be recycled back to the metal supplier for a payback, reducing waste, improving the safety, environment and bottom line for this machine shop. 


From the very beginning of the project, I was impressed by the Bode team...The president of the company himself came out to the project site to assess what was needed and put together an installation plan that fit seamlessly within the overall scope of construction.
Paul Kelley
Sullivan Construction Superintendent

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